Texas LTC Handgun License $99.00 per person

The State of Texas requires that you receive up to 6 hours of training, plus range time. We believe we pack more useful information into your class than the other guys. You'll be treated to a professionally prepared multimedia presentation, complete with video, photos and graphics. Discussion and questions are always encouraged. We all learn from the experiences of one another, and we're eager to hear your story.

Your LTC class fee includes:

  • Range Fee and Target
  • Required Classroom Time
  • CHL-100
  • CHL-6 (Photo Holder) if needed
  • You'll need to complete the Online CHL Application with the State of Texas before submitting your paperwork to the state. This may be done before or after your class. Fingerprints are scheduled during the Online CHL Application process.

See our Class Schedule to register.

Don't have a gun?

If you don't have a gun to use in your LTC class, we'll rent you one for only $10.00. We have several popular models. Choose from Glock, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Sig Saur and Beretta in various calibers. Just check "Gun Rental" when you register for any class.

Note: Prices do not include licensing fees paid directly to the State of Texas. Cancellations must be received at least 48 hours prior the start of your scheduled class in order to receive a full refund. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your class fee if you do not pass. Due to the obvious dangers present in this business, SafeguardCHL.com reserves the right to refuse training or qualification to anyone for any reason.

SafeGuard LTC Class Requirements, Terms and Conditions

The New Concealed Handgun License Class includes 4 to 6 Hours Classroom Instruction, proficiency testing, and range fee with target. Fingerprints are now handled electronically through a DPS agent, L1 Identity Solutions.

We recommend you bring the following items:


  • Handgun - Semi-automatic handgun, (.32 cal or larger) in good working order and UNLOADED and Unloaded magazine(s) or revolver
  • Hearing Protection - We require the ear-muff style; loaners are available at the range. Students are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Eye Protection - Safety glasses or shatter-proof prescription lenses are required; loaners are available at the range.
  • At least 50 rounds of ammunition (brass casing, only). Ammo may be purchased at the range.


  • NO WEAPONS will be allowed in the classroom, except by instructors. Please leave them in your vehicle until instructed to bring them in.
  • Texas Driver License (or state of residence)
  • Non-U.S. citizens must provide documentation to confirm legal alien residence status.
  • Legal Pad or Notebook
  • Black Ballpoint Pen

Students can bring snacks and drinks, which are also available at the range. There are designated breaks during the presentation. Sugar Land Classroom has a tendency to be very cool…a jacket or weather top is suggested.

Please notify us in advance of any medical conditions or physical challenges that might affect your ability to take this course. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you provided we are given adequate notice.

You will receive a confirmation email detailing the class schedule and including maps and directions to classroom and range.

By registering for this class, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You understand that the proficiency test is a TEST, only, and does not include shooting instruction. If you do not possess adequate skills to handle your weapon proficiently, you may opt for a private proficiency test at an additional charge. If you are a new shooter, we recommend a Private Lesson before taking your LTC proficiency test.
  • You have read and understood the LTC Eligibility Requirements, as defined by the State of Texas.
  • You understand that the cost of this course will not be refunded if you fail to pass the background check.
  • You understand that you may be excused from this course, without a refund, if you handle your weapon in an unsafe manner or display behavior SafeGuard LTC believes is inconsistent with the mindset required to carry a concealed weapon.
  • You understand that your fee will not be refunded if you fail to cancel before 48 hours of the start of your scheduled class.
  • You understand that your fee will not be refunded if you fail the proficiency test for safety violations, or are otherwise ejected from the classroom or range.
  • Your email address will be added to our email bulletin mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time.